Conference Topics

Key Topics

Civil engineering

Textile engineering

Geological engineering

Geophysical engineering

Chemical Engineering

Plane engineering

Space engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Computer engineering

Industrial engineering

Mining engineering

Leather engineering

Metallurgical engineering


Aquaculture engineering

Agricultural engineering

Marine engineering

Electrical electronics engineering

Environmental engineering

Materials engineering

Production engineering

Mathematical engineering



Building structure and bridge engineering

Structural engineering

Geological and geotechnical engineering

Hydraulic engineering

Seismic engineering

Transportation engineering

Water supply and drainage engineering

Road and railway engineering

Sanitary and ground water engineering

Harbour engineering

Engineering management

Heating, gas supply, ventilation and air

Carrier operation engineering

Concrete structures

Disaster prevention and mitigation

Environment-friendly construction and development

Material quality and control

Survey engineering

Safety and monitoring

Monitoring and control of structures

Reliability and durability of structures

Construction technology

Coastal engineering

Computer simulation

Computational mechanics

Structural analysis and design

Urban planning and design

Sustainable development of building energy and environment

Energy conservation

Environmental engineering and protection

Tunnel, subway and underground facilities

Traffic engineering

Sustainable and renewable energy

Social engineering